it all starts with a seed

Market standards

A stalk of corn waiting for harvest started as a seed; our community's the same. We're planting the seed of brighter tomorrows today. The Downtown Farmers' Market gives local vendors and farmers a place to come together and celebrate good, hard, honest work - the work done by the hands of our neighbors. Come out and help us grow.

San Clemente Certified Farmers Market

Health standards 

The Certified Farmer must meet all requirements of the State of California and the Orange County Department of Agriculture. The farmer must grow everything they sell. The farms are inspected annually. The farmer is inspected every six months at the Farmer's Market. Their Certified/Producer certificates are to be posted at point of sale. Any produce displayed that is not of his production will cause suspension of the farmers certificate. The public can pursue the certificate at any time. 

Prepackage Food Items are accepted for sale in a Certified Farmers's Market. The seller must meet the requirements of the Orange County Department of Environmental Health to participate. 

The Department of Health does not allow animals of any kind at a Certified Farmers Market.  We know that you love your animals and enjoy taking them to an outdoor market; we love our two dogs very much. However, we ask you to please abide by the Department of Health Policy in order to promote a healthy and clean environment to continue to deliver fresh produce to the local community.